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We are pleased to offer you our Interest-Free Renovation Loan Program, which can provide up to $25,000 towards the renovation of the home you’re thinking of selling.

Our program is designed to help you maximize the value of your home, by allowing you to work with Hillside to choose the right contractors and invest in the renovations that matter most to you. 


We will work closely with you to ensure that the renovations you undertake are the ones that will yield the greatest return on investment, helping you to achieve top dollar for your home.


One of the unique benefits of our program is that there is no interest or payments required. The loan will be paid back at closing, giving you the flexibility to focus on your renovation goals without worrying about the financial burden.


Why do we offer this program?  


This offering is designed to help you sell your home faster and at a higher price point, maximizing both your return on investment and ours.


We are committed to providing you with a trustworthy and reliable service, and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your renovation goals in more detail. Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your real estate objectives.

Fill out the form below and let’s get started!

Renovation Loan Program Notes

  • Maximum Loan: $ 25,000 interest-free for 90 days

  • Sales rep to approve the contractor

  • Payment made directly to the contractor by a sales representative

  • All renovations to be approved by the sales representative

  • A promissory note and sellers direction to a solicitor to be signed prior to any contracts or commencement of renovations

  • Solicitor to acknowledge the direction

  • Term of loan 90 days from the signing of renovation agreement

  • Seller agrees to have solicitor register a 2nd mortgage for up to 12 months, interest-only upon the end of the 90 days term loan

  • The interest rate of 12 % per annum in the event the home is not sold or if the seller removes the home from the market

  • Commission rate to be 5 % plus HST

  • The seller must list the home with the sales representative during the term of the renovation loan or during the term of the mortgage

  • Standard mortgage terms are to be signed by the homeowner at the time of acknowledging the loan and mortgage commitment

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